Sticky notes with PopUp cover

Sticky notes with PopUp cover

Individual tickets adhesive pad can print your desired motif, company logo, slogan, address or name. With PopUp envelope adhesive pads will get a unique look and your customers or business partners attracted at first sight. Stand out from the rest and place your order with us Pads today! At happy to answer any questions.

Stickynotes Calculator

Please enter the desired total quantity. Minimal quantity: 250
Please select the following features:
- Width
- Height
Width: 20 - 300 mm
Height: 20 - 300 mm

Please pay attention to the location of sticky area.

A strip of adhesive: adhesive strip is located at the specified position.

Open format: the paper without folding. It's not the final format.

Crop: If the data on the fallout, then the resulting smaller block size.
Predefined formats:
Width: mm
Height: mm
Cut to size:: 96 x 71 mm
Please select the following features:
- Material
- Material properties
Material properties:
Please select the following features:
- Colour
- Number of lists
Individual sheets per pad are possible upon request.
Sheets per pad:
Glue stripes control:
Please select the following features:
- Wrapped in foil
Wrapped in foil:


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Only selectable for digital inkjet printing jobs: Please also note the time sequence:

- Prototype proof: Production and shipping time = approximately 2 working days - production and shipment after final
approval by customer

Terms of delivery - Distinction based on country of delivery

Working days: Mon - Fri
except holidays
Production time:
Country of delivery:
Base net price 994,09 £

Total net
994,09 £

VAT 19% UK 188,88 £
Total incl. VAT
1 182,97 £
Transport included!

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Adhesive note with message and pop-up cover

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