Desk pads

A very good way to be present at any time is by means of the desk pad. With your advertising on it, it is a welcome advertising gift. It allows you to write down notes, remarks, comments, tasks, ideas or even telephone numbers quickly...

Desk pads: helper for everything

Create your desk sets comfortably together with our customer-friendly online price calculator. Uncomplicated✓ Cheap✓

1. Printing desk pads

Calculate high-quality desk pads. They are ideal promotional gifts for your discerning customers. By the way, writing down information is supposed to help train your memory.
Another positive side effect as to why you should choose a desk pad. Let us print your desk pads.

How can I piece together my desk pad?

Choose which variant you prefer and choose desk pads in the format DIN A2 or the small variant.

Number of sheets
You can choose whether you want your printed desk pad with 25 or 50 sheets.

Decide on the type of paper that fits your desk pad. Here, we can offer you 70 g/m², 80 g/m² and 90 g/m² offset wood-free, white paper. Choose what you like best. Our calculator will calculate your personal offer within seconds.

Colour selection
You are free to choose the colour of your liking as well. Choose between Euro-scale or special colours. Here, no wishes are left unfulfilled.

Protective strip
In order to avoid creases, we offer the printed desk padwith a protective strip. This is made of plastic and is glued on the bottom. No matter what you choose, we already know that you will love your desk pad.

2. Ordering desk pads

How does the ordering procedure work at labelprint24?

Log in to our user administration account, and start your order. Each of our product pages is equipped with our online price calculator, which gives you a clear overview of how your price changes depending on configuration. This way, you will know what the printed desk pad costs at any time. Once you have selected your desired product with the preferred features, you can add it to your shopping cart. You will now be guided step by step through the ordering process.

3. Desk pads for your needs

Do you need help choosing the right desk pad?

? Questions concerning order processing

If you have general questions about the ordering process, customer account, shipping, etc., you can find the answers to your questions in our FAQ section under "Order processing".

? Questions about your data

You can add additional services when you piece together your product:

  • Data check: Additional correction service from us, which you can add to your order additionally.
  • Proof: Close colour simulation to check your printed materials, which you can add to your order.

If you still have general questions about the print data, e.g. about data upload, you can find the answers to your questions in our FAQ area under "Print data".

If you should not find the information you need in our FAQ area, simply contact our customer support. We will be glad to assist..

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