Sticky notes in digital print

Are you looking for a high quality promotional gift for your customers which is great value? Then sticky notes and sticky note pads are perfect for you! Have your sticky notes printed and give sticky notes that use your own logo. We are your manufacturer of sticky notes!

Sticky notes - digital printed

  • Free format selectable
  • in 4 colours euro-scale
  • changing motifs

Table of Contents

1. Sticky note products

  • Digitally-printed sticky notes:
    printing adhesive lables is our profession. Enjoy numerous benefits when buying digitally printed sticky notes. Even for limited editions, we can offer you affordable prices and very fast production for your customized notes (motif changes possible). Printed sticky notes remain a feature of corporate branding, and the printing of sticky notes is one of our absolute specialties.

  • Printed sticky notes in offset printing:
    we can provide you with sticky notes in a wide range of designs. Notepads customized for your business - you are completely free to choose the print run, size, colour dimensions and paper colour. If you would like to have your sticky notes printed in special colours, then you are in the right place! In addition to pastel colors, and intense neon tones and an individual glue track, we also offer you the choice of sticky notes numbering from 25 to 100 per sticky note pad.

  • Sticky notes with coversheet:
    How to personalize your sticky notes and hit the ground running. These sticky note pads have a professional look with their promotional cover. Your promotional message is now available not only on each individual note, but also on the outside, clearly visible on your personal promotional coversheet. Perfect for great adhesive notes. Easy to personalize and available as promotional material with logos, slogans and all your corporate information.

  • Die-cut sticky notes:
    a sticky note does not always have to be square! Customizing sticky notes is child's play for us. If your company has a particularly interesting logo, or if you produce something that can be easily represented by punching contours (e.g. feet, heart, etc.), we can make you a personal sticky note pad.

  • Sticky notes with a pop-up cover:
    Sticky notes with pop-up covers are also popular printed sticky notes. These small, handy sticky notes can be cleverly developed into a great promotional medium. This way, your customers and prospective clients will remember you for a long time, and you no longer need to use bland sticky notes with no identity. We will be pleased to provide you with your sticky notes in various quantities!

  • Sticky note pad:
    There's something about a sticky note pad with a company logo that makes it a great idea for your customers as a promotional item, or a gift for your employees. Gift someone a sticky note pad with your company logo. We offer these kind of sticky notes, personalized and various types and sizes. Experience our pioneering notepad printing company for yourself. We are happy to print names into your notepads. Select up to 10cm in height and up to 1000 sheets per pad.

  • Sticky notes with business card covers:
    Sticky note pads with business card covers are an ideal promotional gift for promotional campaigns, trade fairs, press conferences and exhibitions. Your business card lends a personal character to the cover, which can be designed to reflect your corporate brand. We can print the corresponding notepad in the best quality at the best price.

  • Sticky notes with promotional cover:
    Page markers are small sticky strips that can be used e.g. as bookmarks or flags for books, folders or calendars. They are inserted into a 280 gram chromo board cover from which they can be peeled off and re-glued conveniently and as required. These strips are also available in special colours.

  • Office sticky notes:
    Whether you are a tax consultant, lawyer or employer ... everybody knows them - everybody needs them! Printed office sticky notes with imprints such as "Sign here" or "Urgent!" are simple and useful in the office and can be ordered as a super adhesive sticky notes in a pad in bright yellow or orange, or also white.

2. Sticky note printing

Sticky notes are small paper pads which are coated on one side with a special adhesive. Usually, these adhesive pads consist of 25, 50 or 100 sheets which are tailor-made and glued together. The glue only covers a narrow strip of the paper. They stick onto almost everything, and can be removed without residue. Their bonding strength is special and unique.

When we print sticky notes, we do so with the greatest care and in the highest quality. Our adhesive is also ideally suited to long-term use, and its adhesiveness can be demonstrated multiple times. Peel off and re-stick again and again! Take a look for yourself, and design your own sticky note pad today.

3. Customized sticky notes

We print sticky notes according to your specifications, whether you need a round sticky note pad, or if you want it die-cut. Using die-cutting, we can create sticky note pads in almost any form imaginable. You can either create a new die cut mould, or select an existing one from our catalogue.

We can print your sticky note pads in monochrome, two-colours, three-colours or four-colours. Even special colours are possible.
We offer you a free choice for your sticky notes from the following colours: white, yellow, pastel green, pastel pink, pastel blue, bright yellow, bright orange, bright green and bright pink.

To make it easier for you to e.g. distribute to your branches, we can also shrink-wrap your printed sticky notes in specific quantities. And if you allow us to provide a back cover for your sticky note pads with our advertisement on it, you will even receive a discount on your order.

If you prefer digitally printed sticky notes, you can decide whether you want to have the same continuous motif printed, or alternating motifs.

You will be able to see clearly and simply what product variations and combinations are possible for your favourite printed sticky notes in the online product design configurator.

Note: You are free in your choice of format. Whether it is width or highth you can choose within the range 20 - 300 mm.

For all products: if your desired quantities exceed the maximum total print run in the online product design configurator, or, for example, your desired format for your print product is not one of our standard formats offered, please contact us via our email request form.

4. Buying affordable sticky notes and sticky note pads online

Whichever notebook you prefer, you will find the product which meets your needs in labelprint24's comprehensive range. In addition to the many design possibilities, we also offer you optional services. These are listed below:

  • Data check: Additional checking service from us, which you can add to your order.
  • Proof: Close simulation of the run colour, so that you can check your printed materials, which you can add to your order.
  • Original printing pattern: Original print for approval, or so you can adjust the product quality in advance. Available only for digitally-printed sticky notes.
  • Online discount: You will benefit from our discount on online orders.

5. Ordering sticky notes made easy

Easy to order:

Log in to our user administration account, and start your order. Each of our product pages is equipped with our online price calculator, which gives you a clear overview of how your price changes depending on composition. This way, you always know what your printed sticky notes cost. As soon as you have selected a product on one of our product pages, you can add it to your shopping cart.

Payment options:
  • Paypal
  • Payment on delivery (+ €8 delivery fee)
  • Payment on invoice


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