Special professional data analysis

When is your printing data to be sent?

Once you have reviewed your order in the order overview, have read the terms and have accepted the binding contract, order is triggered.
You will then be asked to upload your respective print data for all products.
The print data requirements, as listed below, are again offered to you at this time for download.
If you do not have all the print data yet, you can specify the print data and upload/transmit later. For this purpose an upload link will be sent automatically by email.
Please send us your print-ready data in the form of a PDF, TIFF, JPEG or EPS file. We prefer certified PDF files because in the current state this format provides an ideal basis for maximum safety. If possible, use Acrobat Distiller to generate your PDFs.
The upload may take some time, depending on data size. Please note that the maximum file size for the upload is 30 MB. Should your data be larger than 30 MB, then you access data for our FTP server will be sent after ordering.

Print data requirements

Basic information about free data check with every order

For each order your data will be checked using the free basic data check to check printing suitability. If improvements are needed, we will inform you via email. If your data is erratic and not printable, you can upload the corrected data via the link that will be sent again.

With the basic data check, it is checked whether:

  • Page size matches with the order.
  • Punching contour (or ordered perforation) and special technical colour are available.
  • "Punch" ("perforation") has been applied and the colours are set correctly in the ordered colour mode in "overprints".
    Your data is automatically converted to CMYK, if you ordered 4C, but the data has been created in RGB. Please note that there may be differences in colour to colour conversion.
  • alle Schriften eingebettet sind.

Extra Professional Data Check - chargeable

If you want to be sure that your print data provides optimum printing results, select the relevant online product in our fee-based professional data check calculator (bottom).
If your print data does not correspond to our specifications, we will inform you by e-mail about the details to be adapted. We describe how your print data should be corrected or provide (additional charge) our correction service, if possible.

After correcting the error, you can upload the corrected data via the link that is sent again. For inquiries and problems, we work together and personally (by e-mail at info@labelprint24.com or phone) with you to find answers and solutions.

During the extra-professional data check it is checked whether:

  • Bleed is applied correctly.
  • Resolution is sufficient.
  • Lettering and logos are not too small.
  • Codes are applied in 100% black.
  • The Vector line width is not too fine.
  • Safety distance of graphic elements and headings from the edge is sufficient.
At your request, we will gladly accept any changes for your data. The data adjustments will be invoiced at the hourly rate of € 60 (We always calculate it on the basis of a 5 min cycle).
Of course, we determine the expected amount of time in advance and again consult you.