Adhesive pads with offset print

In addition to adhesive notes in digital printing, we, of course, offer adhesive notes as well, which are produced using offset printing. Profit from the advantages of this printing process and order your adhesive notes and adhesive notepads with your logo!

Sticky notes - offset print

  • Free format selectable
  • From 20 mm to 500 mm
  • All DIN formats as well

Sticky notes with cover

  • additional advertising space
  • coloured paper selection
  • decorative quality print

Sticky notes with cut-out

  • More than 40 cutting-dies
  • Individual Cutting-dies possible

Sticky notes with PopUp cover

  • Very high-quality promotional material
  • Super give-away or gift

Table of contents

1. Properties of offset printing

What are the distinguishing features of offset printing?
  • Indirect flat printing, i.e. printing plate and paper do not directly touch each other. The print image is transferred to a rubber blanket beforehand.
    This, in turn, is tensioned on a cylinder. Only then is the transfer made to the paper. The offset process has its name from this "transfer" or "set off".
  • Offset printing machines work with various printing cylinders. The paper sheets are passed between these cylinders.
    This allows the printing of all flat materials, by means of the rubber blanket, but also materials with uneven
    surfaces, since rubber blankets can adapt to these conditions.
  • Most widely used printing method
  • Special colours do not have to be imitated to be able to be displayed
  • High-precision copy
  • Detailed print image

2. Properties of digital printing

What are the distinguishing features of digital printing?
  • Non-impact printing, i.e. the print image is transferred directly from the PC to the printing machine and, in doing so, ink is not applied to a physically firm printing form.
    Non-impact printing processes are, for example, inkjet printing and thermal printing (thermal sublimation and thermal transfer).
  • Individual sheets can be printed in different ways, and the sequence is retained even with multi-page documents.
  • Short-term changes and personalisation are possible.
  • Special colours are simulated.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of digital printing/offset printing

Digital printing
  • Even worthwhile for small to very small printing runs
  • Customised print
  • Fast production
  • Marginal quality fluctuations with simulation of special colours
  • Restriction in choice of paper

Offset printing
  • Affordable at high print runs
  • Great flexibility with regard to different formats and types of paper
  • Colour fastness with
    pantone and HKS colours
  • No option for personalisation
  • Longer production due to additional drying time of the printed products

4. Buying affordable adhesive notes and adhesive notepads online

Regardless of which adhesive note you prefer, you will definitely find the product that meets your needs in the extensive assortment of labelprint24.

Note: Any format can be selected. You can choose a range of 20 - 300 mm both in width, as well as in height.

In addition to the many possibilities for design, we also offer you optional services. These are listed below:

  • Data check: Additional correction service from us, which you can add to your order.
  • Proof: Close colour simulation to check your printed materials, which you can add to your order.
  • Original print pattern: Original print for approval, or adjustment of the product quality in advance. Only available for digitally-printed adhesive notes.
  • Online discount: Benefit from our discount on online orders.

5. Ordering adhesive notes made easy

Easy to order:

Log in to our user administration account, and start your order. Each of our product pages is equipped with our online price calculator, which gives you a clear overview of how your price changes depending on composition. This way, you always know what your printed sticky notes cost. As soon as you have selected a product on one of our product pages, you can add it to your shopping cart.

Payment options:
  • Paypal
  • Payment on delivery (+ €8 delivery fee)
  • Payment on invoice


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